Client Services

Gone are the days of simply waiting for candidates to come to you. Utilizing the latest tools in the industry, we search out only the best matching candidates and provide you with a hand picked selection.

Flexible People Delivering Flexible Solutions

To make things clear-cut for clients, we simplify the hiring process by eliminating all or most at risk variables and offer the best options to hire qualified prospects.

Candidate Search Techniques

  • Aggressive Networking, Referrals, Job Boards, Recruitment and use of current Social Media tools.

Candidate Qualification & Presentation

  • By meeting every candidate in person, our trained recruitment staff are able to distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and assess their technical skills, soft skills and presentation.

  • When a client requirement is generated, interested candidates are compared to the key requirements of the job posting, and then go through a re-qualifying process by a Senior Client Account Manager before final presentation to the client.

  • Summary information covering technical experience and soft skills, as it is relevant to the requirement, is presented for each candidate resume submission.

  • Our goal is to provide as many candidates as the client requests, to give them the best choices for comparison purposes.

Interview Coordination & Communication

  • We coordinate and facilitate the interview processes with all parties and ensure comments and feedback are provided.

Employment Offer Negotiation

  • At an Offer stage, a FlexStaf Account Manager will perform full negotiation of offers on behalf of all parties, ensuring the interests of each is represented accurately.

Post Placement Follow-up

  • Upon successful placement of a candidate, our guarantee and service ensures post placement performance status reporting is conducted by us, to ensure complete client satisfaction.