Interview Preparation Services

In today’s competitive job market, you need to stand out and be prepared. FlexStaf I.T. is your partner in assisting you through the pre-interview phase, and navigating you through all of the steps. Our consultants can assist you with valuable services that help make you stand out and be heard. Let’s start with reviewing your resume, your work history and the key strengths that will get you the win. 

  • Consulting

  • Coaching

  • Feedback

  • Interview Process

  • References

  • Job Offer Assistance and Negotiation

  • Transition Guidance

Interview Tips

  • When you are asked a question, specifically about a specific skill you will require, or a challenge you have faced:

    1. Address the question directly,

    2. Discuss your answer, and very importantly,

    3. Immediately attach that answer to your strength to consistently show you are a strong candidate.

  • Listen carefully to every question, and every component of the interview. Listen beyond to understand what the motive behind the question is to better understand what the desired outcome is. Typical “interview” answers will quickly blend you in with the crowd. Keep showcasing strengths, and don’t be afraid to let them know you are the right fit.

  • Following up is important, not only after the interview but before as well. Upon booking your interview, you can send an email to confirm it and explain you are looking forward to it. After the interview, you must follow up. This shows interest in the position, organization, and a proactive attitude. REMEMBER: If you don’t ask for the job, someone else will.

  • Interviews aren’t all about your resume. Companies and interviewers look for a strong fit for the position for which they are hiring, but they also look for a fit within their team and environment. Touch on other skills that make you a valuable team member and show that you are ready to work with them, outside of just your specific role.

  • Interviews are a two way street. This is often forgotten. This is your chance to ask questions too, and a lot of people miss out on this. The more questions you ask, the more you will learn if this is a fit for you, and if this is a position where you can not only utilize your skills but grow them. Asking questions shows the interviewer you are engaged, interested, and prepared.

  • Dress for success. As it’s always been, image is everything. Dressing professionally for a job interview shows you have taken the time to prepare your thoughts, and your image. You reflect the company you work for, and as such want to look the part.

  • Never leave an interview without clear next steps. No matter how convincing you are, you probably won’t get the job on the spot, however, it is absolutely vital that you identify your next steps with the interviewer. Whether it’s a subtle question about what the next step is, what else they need from you, or asking when to follow up or what to look out for next, you goal should be to leave that room with a task or date.