Candidate Services

At FlexStaf, we take a great interest in people's careers and take into account what is important when it comes to finding the right position for the current stage of their career. Our goal is to develop long term business relationships with candidates while supporting all aspects surrounding their career choices. Your employment search is a priority for us. Whether you prefer contract work or finding a permanent home, we investigate all possibilities across different industry verticals, and actively interact with our clients with your interests in mind. Our services include:

  • Meeting you to gain insight and gather information about your ambitions and to develop trust.

  • To attract our client's interest, we give professional and constructive advice geared to improve your resume and maximize presentation of key technical and professional skill sets.

  • Providing the most current job postings on our website.

  • We communicate new and current opportunities to you on a regular basis during your employment search.

  • Provide full disclosure and transparency about opportunities with our clients.

  • Offer informative interview preparation guidance and mentoring throughout the process of helping you find the right position.

  • Negotiate and manage offers of employment taking into account your best interest.

  • Providing the best service to candidates is key, and being readily available and accessible at all times is paramount to FlexStaf.